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Ensure to Insure” , an online educator ,headed by Mrs Kameshwari and Mr Shrinivas SS.An experience of more than 20 years in Insurance domain motivated to create awareness of health insurance in the society .Mr.Shrinivas is a Post Graduate in Business Management and also a Fellow from Insurance Institute of India,Mumbai..Mrs Kameshwari is a Post Graduate in mathematics and a health Insurance consultant with Private Health Insurance company.We belong to a family in which uncles and aunts had worked in insurance sector.The objective of our company is also  to render service in General ,health,travel and motor insurance.

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What our customers say.

I am a software professional working for a IT company for the past 3 years.Few months back my mother had to get knee replacement surgery.since my company’s health cover was not sufficient,I used my Star Health Family Optima Insurance policy and got surgery done.Today my mother is a happy walking lady.Thank you for the immediate help rendered.


I am a happy business man with wife and 2  and daughters of age 3 and 6 years.Always my thoughts go on business but not on insurance.The advise given by Mrs Kameshwari made me understand the importance of insurance in life.Within 30 minutes,I could get the premium quotation for Family Health Optima Policy and later the policy document soft copy .sitting in home I could get the document.Happy for not running around

Rajendra Reddy